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What will be the next course of NEPSE?

Dipendra Karki
| August 04, 2020

NEPSE is projected to touch 1600 points in one month if rises above 1415 points & could drop up-to 1,200 within a month and a half if falls below 1,350.

The Support and Resistance of NEPSE Index may be 1,350 and 1,415 points respectively.

The stock market has been booming lately. With the growing number of online transactions and the influx of new investors, the stock market seems to be booming. The market fell sharply on Sunday (01.08.2020) after the details explanation of monetary policy amidst of the pandemic. There is a kind of panic among the investors. 

What happens to the market now? 

This question is also on the minds of general investors. Most of the investors are arguing that the market will rise while some smart investors are hoping that the Nepse index will come to a lower point and the market will also provide a golden opportunity to buy shares.

Lately, in Nepal, some people make buying and selling decisions based on fundamental as well as technical analysis. Fundamental and technical analysis are equally important when analyzing the market. Overviewing the recent scenario, there is a positive environment in the fundamental analysis for the market. General investors are predicting market growth. Concerning to the movement of stock market, “The wishes of the investors and the direction of the market are exactly the opposite.” This can be dangerous for most retail investors. If the volume goes up and the market goes down, it will go on a weird trend.

What does the future of the market look like from the technical side?

Nepse index bounced from 1385 today (03.08.2020) and remained above 1400 is positive for the market. The Nepse index is projected to touch 1600 points within a month if the indicator is strongly supported by the transaction volume along with 1415 points. The index could be between 1350 and 1360 in the near future if the Nepse index goes down from 1385. If the index falls below 1350 points with selling pressure, the Nepse index could come between 1250 and 1200 within a month and a half.

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