Determinants of Technological and Innovation Performance of the Nepalese Cellular Telecommunications Industry from the Customers’ Perspective


The study aimed to understand and analyze the technological and innovation performance measures of the Nepalese cellular telecommunications industry from the customers’ perspective.

The measures like network service quality, signal strength and coverage, voice quality, and calls drop are used for technological performance, whereas measures like product/service innovation, process innovation, customization, competitive innovation, and marketing innovation are used for innovation performance. It followed a descriptive research design employing a structured questionnaire survey instrument. Two market leader companies of the Nepalese telecommunications industry (Nepal Telecom and Ncell) and their customers were considered as objects of the study. For this study, 391 respondents were selected by using the judgmental sampling technique. Targeted respondents of the study were postgraduate understudies, service holders, business persons, and freelancers. The survey instrument was set in three segments with 19 questions to collect and analyze information with the help of a statistical package for the social sciences and analysis of moment structures software. Two constructs with nine test variables found as the determinants of the technological and innovation performance of the Nepalese cellular telecommunications industry. The results of the study would provide helpful guidelines in understanding the key drivers of the technological and innovation performance in the Nepalese scenario. READ MORE>>>

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