The purpose of this chapter is to understand the design and development of a product and process, planning and scheduling of production including location and layout and to adopt proper sequencing. This chapter includes: ____________

2.1  Product Development: Operational issues in product life cycle,  2.2 Product Development Process, 2.3 Quality Function Deployment,  2.4 Value Engineering,  2.5 Manufacturing Process and Service Process,  2.6 Capacity Planning Decisions,  2.7  Aggregate Planning Strategies,  2.8  Location Planning: Strategic Importance of Location,  2.9  Factor Affecting Location Decisions,  2.10  Methods of Evaluating Location Alternatives,  2.11 Layout Strategies: Strategic Importance of Layout Decisions,  2.12  Types of Layout,   2.13  Designing Product Layout: Assembly Line Balance,  2.14  Overview of the Operations Planning and Scheduling System, 2.15  Loading,  2.16 Priority Sequencing,  2.17 Forward Scheduling, Backward Scheduling, 2.18 Expediting,  2.19 Optimized Production Technology

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